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Gitman Vintage is one of the most celebrated names in American shirt-making. Proudly still American-made, each season celebrates the brand's rich history through a combination of heritage cuts, classic materials and delving into their own extensive archive of prints.

In 1932, Brooklyn based shirt-maker Max Gitman left New York and opened the Ashland Shirt & Pajama Company in the coal mining town of Ashland, Pennsylvania. With his sons, (twins) Alfred & Sheldon, he ran the factory as a contract shop until 1978 when the Gitman Bros. brand was born. 

Fast forward to today and say hello to Gitman Vintage, which pays tribute to the brand’s rich heritage with a unique interpretation of the past. Old meets new, through a playful combination of classic button downs and everything from pineapple prints to Japanese indigos.


Suffice to say, Gitman's commitment to quality is as important today as it was when Max Gitman and his sons first set up shop in Ashland; it is one of the few remaining shirt-makers with all production based in the USA. With third generation sewers and fourth generation shirt makers, their collective expertise is pretty impressive!



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