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We are ecstatic with the new shorts from the local Sydney label Venroy. To show them off we decided to keep in the spirit of Venroy and take some of our mates down to the concrete playground of Clovelly to test them out.


Started in 2010 by long standing friends, Theo Smallbone and Sean Venturi, Venroy started as a line of just 60 pairs of shorts available locally in Sydney. A quick path to growth now sees Venroy distributed in Canada, Spain, USA and Qatar. Whilst completing degrees in Business (Sean) and Design (Theo), the guys noticed the current crop of board shorts were dated and boring, often using the same patterns and cuts that have been associated with surf culture for years. So after a day in the sun scheming ideas, the duo decided to start something new. 


The guys start off with a photograph of their own, captured whilst travelling around the world or frequenting their local pools and beaches. They use that moment in time and manipulate it into a pattern that is printed onto special papers, which are in turn fed through a heat-transfer roller with a peach face polyester fabric. The ink from the paper then reaches a certain temperature and is transformed into a gas state that binds to the fabric. This produces an exclusive design that is fade-proof and resistant to chlorine and salt water. Compared to the mass-produced screen printed shorts that fade after a season or two, Venroy are creating shorts built for the Australian lifestyle.