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Le Cord™ was born in Sweden (yes, that's right, not France...) in 2013. Their collection of premium charge & sync cables currently holds a wide style range made of various materials like textiles, leather and wood. All their items have undergone a detailed visual design- and engineering process to meet the best durability and a fashionable appearance.

Le Cord’s retail network has in a short period of time reached out to many of the worlds most famous fashion and lifestyle resellers. You will also find Le Cord products at selected Apple Resellers around the world.

Le Cord™ represents the perfect combination of individualism and artistic design, combined with durability and functionality. 

Every Le Cord product is certified and approved by Apple Inc. This means they only use original Apple parts and components which guarantee secure flawless future performance with Apple products.

Worth knowing is that their cables can never be of lesser quality than an original Apple cable found at your local Apple reseller. The original parts and components they buy from Apple and use in their products are exactly the same you will find in an Apple original cable.

Get your hands on the full Le Cord collection here!