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Our Legacy - Considered Swedish Cool

Our Legacy first started with two friends printing t-shirts in a small studio in Sweden back in 2005. The brand has since then become a staple in many wardrobes, nowadays being recognized as one of the most intellectual and contemporary labels out there. Designed in Sweden and made in Portugal, sparing no expenses when it comes to luxurious material.

Although often creating quite formal garments, Our Legacy will always make sure you never feel overdressed. While consciously staying away from over designing their pieces, many of their garments still reflect classic lines and silhouettes but without the pretentious finish. The founders frequently like to refer to Our Legacy garments as hybrids, creating new concepts by allowing clashes between unexpected styles and fabrics.

Their current collection is all about straight, masculine lines, chunky knits and layered textures reflecting classical lines using unusual fabrics and colors.

Our Legacy is one of those brands that are kind of tricky to define, resulting in a very broad customer base. They spend a lot of time on getting the fabrication, weight and texture right rather than necessarily following trends like some of the other zombies out there. While admitting to being surrounded by a kind of romantic obscurity at times, they put a great deal of trust in the customer getting it right and ultimately understanding the underlying message. The brand likes to brag about their customers being well educated, with a strong sense of style. (Kind of like we do about our customers, wink, wink!).

We totally recommend you stock up on some of their stylish winter warmers now, for example the super snugly Roundneck Raglan Twisted Jumper in Black/White or the ridiculously rad Classic Shirt in Dusk Grey Silk.

We are proud stockists of Our Legacy as brand that never fails to communicate effortless style, minimalist shape and emphasis on quality. Damn fine garments basically!


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