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B GOODS  LABEL was founded in 2012 by Adelaide based Producton Designer and Stylist, Anny Duff. B GOODS label combines handmade limited edition accessories with sustainable clothing, providing the fashion conscious with ecological and affordable alternatives. The label has strong ethical foundations, using only organic and environmentally friendly materials. These values are at the forefront of B Goods Label’s business and the design process. They believe fashion has a responsibility to the environment, to be transparent in its manufacturing and to ensure quality and care in every garment. A percentage of profits go to supplying food, shelter, education and medical aid in Singaraja, Bali.

B Goods Label want to be global with their message, but they also want to know their customers and wave to you on the street, neighbour!


Hemp is a miracle plant and an excellent fiber to wear. It breathes beautifully, is warming in winter and cooling in Summer. It also has the highest UV protection of all natural fibers. B-Goods 100% Hemp fabric is grown in the South of China. As Hemp has its own anti-bacterial properties, the use of pesticides and chemicals are not needed in its production. It can grow in almost any climate, requires very little water and matures in just 100 days. All of the plant is used, to make paper, building materials, fuel, and even food. Our Hemp fabric is then dyed and handmade in small quantities in Bali, Indonesia. A percentage of proceeds go to supplying food, education, shelter and medical supplies in the poorer areas of Bali.


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