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Rolla’s is a brand created by designer couple Andy Paltos & Sarah Gilsenan.

After years of working for global denim and lifestyle brands they set out on their own to create something built from their passions that had a more personal approach.

They have joined forces with one of Australia’s original classic jeans brands ‘Faberge’ to offer something that is not only free and modern, but importantly has deep roots and fond memories to draw from.

Andy and Sarah were both raised in the coastal suburbs of, and now reside inner city, Melbourne Australia.

Described as ‘coast meets city’, Rolla’s inspiration rests upon things they grew up with like classic Australian pub rock bands or shows like Countdown, infused with a sense of the coastal/urban lifestyle they live. With their collective denim experience, they use modern fabrications and technology for jeans that fit.

Along with this they cultivate a strong sense of optimism and freedom in their collections with only one abiding rule – to keep it simple.

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