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A Rainy Nation

The rainy streets of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, comprised the surroundings from where RAINS was invented. In a combination of the modern city life with all its diversity and colorfulness and the need for practical outerwear, RAINS was established as a new interpretation of the traditional raincoat. Modern people’s need of combining style and function became the foundation. This opened a whole new world of perceiving rainy days as beautiful and inspiring. Originating from this, the mission of RAINS is to inspire and motivate to explore positive outdoor moments in your everyday life - an essential approach to outdoor life in a nation with 121 rainy days each year.


The Short But Intense History of Rains

The idea of RAINS was developed at the end of 2011 by two young students with a passion for lifestyle movements and product design. At the beginning of 2012 an intense planning process preceded the establishment of the company RAINS ApS. The first small collection was presented at the fashion fair at Gallery in Copenhagen, June 2012.

Since the establishment, RAINS has been received as a universal and wide appealing brand across cultures and geographical borders with its new versatile rainwear. The products are used with enthusiasm in most regions of the world and bring positive associations into rainy days.

RAINS is located in Egaa in the middle of Jutland, Denmark, but the heart still beats in Copenhagen from where the development and visual design is created.


Nerds In A World Of Rainwear

Behind the scenes is a very passion-driven team of both young entrepreneurs and experienced specialists motivated by the mission to manufacture functional and fashionable rainwear that creates value for the user. Those who know the team behind RAINS consider them as nerds - rainwear nerds who think about weather, tendencies and functionality in every given moment. One place where the RAINS team finds equal enthusiasm and specialism is in the Chinese RAINS department and factory where the RAINS jackets are produced. With a long manufacturing tradition and a highly professional sense of quality and standards, the manufacturing team puts a great effort into the details of the individual style in order to reach the high standards of RAINS. With professional pride and commitment for producing functional and fashionable products for international customers, the teams spend a lot of time in constantly improving and discussing new techniques in order to be at the forefront of rainwear manufacturing. 


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