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First inspired to start spinning wax after his brother brought him a Mos Def 12" back from New York, Steezy-E cut his teeth in the Sydney music scene playing hip hop, dub, funk and downtempo beats at a number of DJ residencies and regular parties whilst also working at FBi Radio. After moving to Wellington, New Zealand his appreciation for all things bass increased along with his vinyl collection, spending several hours drinking coffee and digging for vinyl at Real Groovy during the day and playing guest slots around town at night.  

Since moving to Melbourne in 2010, Steezy-E quickly found his niche in the music scene and began making a name for himself through his eclectic musical tastes and influences and appetite for discovering new music. After founding the ALLCAPSEVERYTHING Collective which focuses on good music, art and design, Steezy-E now hosts regular parties with his partner in crime Brother Fox at some of Melbourne’s best bars, while also designing all their event artwork.  

Not one to be pigeonholed into a particular genre or type of event, Steezy-E can be found playing anything from dub, funk, hip hop, beats, bass, breaks, DnB to deep disco, garage and techno.


Steezy-E Someplace Mix by Somedays Somewhere Someplace on Mixcloud