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It's finally time. As the year draws to a close we see people scampering around trying to figure out how they are going to spend quality time with their nearest and dearest. Instead of doing that we have decided to put together some of the highlights of the year that was 2013. It was a very long year and I don't remember most of it to be honest but looking back this seems to ring some bells.
Twerking prevailed as the best dance move of the year and I'm not talking about Miley Cyrus. The Harlem shake was a pretty close 2nd.

Beiber became the bad boy that we all new he was bound to become. But he still had the common sense to appear on between two ferns and get ripped to shreds. Credit to him.

Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion and then became Snoopzilla. Go figure.

Breaking Bad finished. Best and worst thing ever.

Gravity took us way past 2001.

Anchorman came to town. 

This guy.

Lance admitted to doping. Then tried to guilt us by saying that he should be allowed to race again one day. No lance. No.

NETFLIX came through as a leading source for TV viewing by winning 3 Emmy's. Finally the internet is getting it's recognition. 

Kai, the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker won our hearts.

Ray Allen redefined CLUTCH.

Best advert of the year?


Ben Affleck will be hard pressed to beat this performance.


And if you have the time, this seems to be what everyone else in the world was doing.


Also, Paul Walker was the most searched term in google for the year. Hmm.