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2013 Free Stuff Giveaway

Thanks to our friends over at Madman Entertainment, we've got ten double passes to give away to Michael Winterbottom’s latest feature ‘The Look of Love’, opening in selected theatres on the 27th of June. The film depicts the real-life story of Paul Raymond (brilliantly portrayed by Steve Coogan), the man behind Soho’s notorious Raymond Revue Bar and Men Only magazine. While Raymond began his professional life with an end of the pier mind-reading act, he eventually became famous as one of Britain’s leading nude revue producers. His Revue Bar, which first opened in Soho in 1958, became the cornerstone of a Soho empire, prompting the Sunday Times in 1992 to crown him the Richest Man in Britain. With a focus on Raymond's relationships with the three most important women in his life (his wife Jean, his lover Fiona and his daughter Debbie), it is a modern day King Midas story, with Raymond acquiring fabulous wealth at the cost of losing the people who are closest to him. You can have a look at the trailer over here: To enter, send an email to and include your name and address.