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With Christmas on the horizon, we took some time out to hang with our Some family. The crew sat down with us to chat about their fave parts of the silly season. 

Sarah, Somestores buyer

What is the weirdest Christmas present you've ever received? 

An antique ring that a certain someone stole from his mother, to which I had to return because she found out that he did it. So awkward. Let it be known, I did not know it was stolen from her. Let it also be known that I rarely saw him after that.

White Christmas or Hot Christmas? 

Summer in Sydney over Christmas is pretty magical, so I’m going to say Hot Christmas. Sadly, like most of the Swede’s here, I cannot compare the two. Xmas has always been in Australia for me! 

Favourite Christmas movie? 

Home Alone, hands down!

Have you been naughty or nice this Christmas? 

An even split of both. Therefore I deserve special treats as well as a lump of coal.

Best thing Santa ever brought you? 

Santa wiped my debt a few times. Thanks mate.

If you could be a Christmas decoration what would you be? 

The Santa figurine that thrusts his hips back and forth when you turn him on. Those are some sweet moves. 


Kristina, SomeAgency

Best Christmas destination?

Sydney - Our own backyard hanging out by the pool, and the short stroll down to the beach.

Do you prefer Christmas or New Years?

Hm…tough one, I’d say New Years, a bit exciting to enter a new year and think of everything that’s happened in the old year, plus have some nice bubbles. 

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Time with family and nice lazy days.

Favourite Christmas song?

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – that’s not really a Christmas song is it..? but sort of fits in to the theme a little bit maybe? J

Do you have any family traditions for Christmas?

We celebrate the Swedish way on Christmas Eve instead of 25th. Quite nice to have it all done one day earlier and not have to stress around the day after when everyone else is. We always meet up with Swedish friends at Little Manly on Christmas Eve morning for a swim and a coffee. Quite a nice tradition for all of us who grew up with dark and cold Christmases.

Favourite Christmas accessory?

Being able to wear swimmers and a beach dress all day long – the beauty of living here and having Christmas in the middle of summer.


Mattias, SomeAgency

What is the best Christmas present you've ever received?

A Commodore 64 when I was 11 (for you who don’t know what that is, grow up)!

White Christmas or Hot Christmas?

I’ve actually become quite ambivalent about this question. To me, where I grew up, a “real” Christmas is definitely White. However, after living in Australia for a number of years I’ve grown to like the Hot Sydney Christmas traditions better.

Favourite Christmas song?

 “Jul igen” with JUST D

 Have you been naughty or nice this Christmas?

 I haven’t started buying the presents yet, which is per usual….but whether that is naughty or not? Unless that, I think I been pretty nice!? Ask Santa what he thinks….

What is your memorable Christmas?

The White ones.

If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would that be?

One year, I am going to take the kids to a White Christmas in Scandinavia! That would be pretty special for them to experience.


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These silly photos were snapped by Georgia Cielak @gcvisual