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Let's assume that you are, like most of us, in the process of planning the most epic labor-day long weekend camping trip ever. If you aren't, then get to it! With that being said, other than your outfit and your squad being on point, there are whole bunch of other stuff that you didn't know you needed to know but will, once you know them, take your camping game to the next level.

We thought we'd make your life easier by putting together a little list of our best camping hacks, tips and tricks that will make McGyver look like a little school girl.

1. Beer/soda Can Popcorn

Use a beer or soda can, cut an opening big enough to pour in some popping corn and a bit of oil. Use a stick to hold it over the fire until the pops are a couple of seconds apart. Add salt and enjoy!

2. Dorito Chip Kindle

If you are having trouble finding kindle to start your camp fire and you happen to have a bag of Doritos or similar chips handy, look no further! They are an excellent substitute to get any fire going. Also delicious to snack on while waiting for the fire to get going!

3. Cook Virtually Anything In Foil

Snags are usually the go to camping food on most trips, but tends to get a bit boring after a whole weekend of sausage mania. Bring a roll of foil and cook eggs for brekkie, fish and veggies for lunch and nachos for dinner. Genius!

4. DIY Tent Lanterns

Make super clever and really cozy lanterns using only a milk or water bottle and a head lamp. Fill an old bottle (the bigger the better) with water then strap a head lamp (or a bike lamp) to it with the light facing the bottle. It creates a really nice glow and is a much cheaper than buying a proper camping lantern!

5. TP Holder

Keep your toilet paper dry at all times by creating a holder using an old plastic container. Preferably a cylinder shaped container with a lid, roughly the same size as a toilet roll. Cut a small vertical slit where the tissue can be pulled out! Bye bye wet tissue!

6. Hike Bananas

This is a Swedish favorite (so if you have any rad Swedish friends that you are trying to impress, this will knock their socks and silly clogs off). All you need is a banana, your favorite chocolate and that aluminum foil you brought. Make a surgical incision length wise in your banana, pop pieces of the chocolate in the slit, wrap in foil and grill over the fire until the chocolate is all molten and gooey then shove spoonfuls into your gob! Yummo! Feel free to go nuts here, filling it with marshmallows, fruit, peanut butter or whatever tickles your fancy. The sky is the limit!

7. Beer Can Bowling

Hang on to your empty beer cans. Rack them up in a nice formation like in ten pin bowling, put a bit of sand or dirt in the bottom of the cans to make sure they are stable. Then use a tennis ball, cricket ball or some other kind of round object that serves the same function as a the above mentioned. Game on!

8. Makeshift Speaker

If you realize last minute that you left your speaker at home, don't freak out! Simply pop your phone into a mug or cup while playing your favorite tunes, it actually works surprisingly well and creates a pretty good sound.

9. Pre-made Pancake Batter

This is a super clever way of having the most delicious breakfast ever and also keeping your other food cold for longer. Sounds to good to be true? Well it's not, fill piping bags (or zip lock bags) with pancake batter and freeze them. Pop them into your esky and boom, you have delicious tasting breakfast ice blocks. Cut a small hole in the bag when it has thawed and pipe your batter onto your hot plate or frying pan! Yay, flap jacks! 

10. Mosquito Bite Itch-Away

Rubbing some of your deodorant stick on mosquito bites will help stop the itch, and it smells delicious!

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