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In a little over a year, Jonathan Hirschfeld and Max Schiller have managed to turn their fledgling Swedish sneaker brand, Eytys (pronounced '80s' and spelled with Ys in reference to Generation Y) into a growing cult sensation. Eytys seeks to fill a void for young men and women looking for a versatile, stylish shoe that over-delivers on quality and comfort at an affordable price.

A lot of work went into perfecting the sole. While other companies build their rubber soles in layers, Schiller opted to use one rubber mold with air holes in different places to help with weight distribution. He added a cork footbed on top due to his love of Birkenstocks, but also to ensure maximum comfort.Childhood friends since they were 12 years old, Hirschfeld and Schiller ran their first business in their secondary school years at Stockholm’s Östra Real in 2003. Schiller made sweatshirts and sweatpants with the school’s logo on them. The experience gave them a taste of the difficulties and workload involved in owning a brand, Hirschfeld went to business school at the University of Stockholm, while Schiller began working at the first standalone store of then-burgeoning Swedish label Acne.

In 2012, Schiller decided to start Eytys on a whim. As he puts it: “The idea came and I quit a week after.” The brand began as a partnership between him, Jonathan Hirschfeld and Charlie Hedin, Schiller’s high school friend who also worked at Acne. However, Hedig left the start-up shortly after.

As Eytys has no investors — a fact that HIrschfeld is proud of — it affords them the freedom to do “what feels right.” The top priority at the moment is building on their current market momentum, while establishing a plan for longevity. “This is something that we wanna do for a long time.”


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