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A Matter Of Life And Denim

Dr. Denim is an independent progressive denim brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden, established in 2004.

Dr. Denim believes in untraditional ideas, in taking a path which intuition says is right but others say is wrong.

To us, denim is a blank canvas that allows us to apply research and creativity.

- The Graah Family

Read more about the history of the family-owned label below.




Back in the early days of the 20th century, one of our grandfathers worked in fishery - in a time when life at sea was a path through hard work and treacherous waters towards a dream of a better life and perhaps one day one’s own ship. He built his life around the sea, pursuing his dream to one day have a custom-made wooden fishing trawler built to his specification. When we were young we would sit on his lap and listen to his many stories which were to make a big mark and inspire us deeply. He taught us important values and showed the importance of challenging established truths and going your own way. On the flip side, our other grandfather was a fashion & clothing entrepreneur with a background in documentary filming, hard-working and creatively talented, leaving behind a legacy no less inspiring. And so it came that one sunny day back in 2004, we went astray and devoted our lives to adding an extra pinch of awesomeness to the world of denim by challenging established truths as we continue doing to this day, inspired by our past and optimistic about the future.




How To Make Jeans - Listen to your heart. Dr. Denim always listens to its own feelings. Things have to feel right, or there’s just no sense in continuing. It’s also important not to try to force feelings that aren’t there. Feelings must be genuine.

The First Sketches - A pair of jeans can begin with a fleeting impression. An apparently insignificant film experience. Small, odd impressions that trigger ideas, which lead to a whole chain of thought that finally ends up on the sketch pad. Daring to experiment and investigate is important for the first phase of the process. This is where feeling must be allowed to take a leading role. Impulsiveness and humour must be given free rein as well. The sketches soon develop. First as scruffy, rapid lines on white paper, then transformed into a serious blueprint for action. At Dr. Denim, all inspiration is abstract and internal. Collections are built around ideas and visions.

Material & Production - The material is everything. One can never overestimate the importance of getting this aspect right. We evaluate construction, weight, dyeing techniques and finishes. There are many, often complex decisions. Yet somehow, time and time again it turns out that feeling is incredibly important. The feel of a perfect jeans fabric can’t be described or calculated. It just feels right.



Beautiful Jeans Are Created By:

• Exciting, workable basic ideas. The original concept behind the style should be strong and interesting. These ideas often come from people we see and their behaviour. Impulses can also come from more unexpected directions, such as music, films or dreams.

• Good patterns. The lines are drawn with passion and scientific precision.

• The right wash. Washing is an art form. Creating a wash with the right colour, pattern and attitude requires huge amounts of feeling. That’s why Dr. Denim never stops working on washes. This thorough- ness is based on the scientific connection between the fabric and the wash: a bad wash is devastating for a beautiful fabric and a bad fabric is devastating for a beautiful wash.

• The right fabric. The fabric should have the optimal optic characteristics.


Calculated Fit

Geometry describes shapes. From individual points we create lines and angles, and from there circles and other geometric objects. Here at Dr. Denim we think that geometry is stunning, but the most amazing mathematical phenomenon, in our eyes, is the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the relationship that occurs when a line is divided into a longer part, a, and a shorter part, b, so that the length of a + b is to a as a is to b. This idea of the perfect fit is not entirely uncomplicated.



Dr. Denim deliberately chooses how the denim is treated, or not treated. We see washes as part of the design that’s just as important as fit. And we leave nothing to chance – except, perhaps, a few things. We planned the feeling you get when you touch the fabric. We know how the fabric will feel the first time you wear the jeans, and we know how it will feel after a year. But what the jeans will look like, where they are worn thin and how distressed they will be, that part is your responsibility. Your personality and your cares will be evident when your Dr. Denim jeans have become a part of you.


Wear and Tear

You can learn a lot about a person by studying their Dr. Denims. A knowledgeable person can actually read and decode an individual’s entire personality and lifestyle based on their denim.

Psychology is the study of human behavior, thoughts, feelings and interaction with other people; a type of science that provides a fascinating foundation for investigating how jeans can affect the ego and vice versa. A pair of old jeans is like a story. You can read the individual’s mental and physical health and the wearer’s attitude in it.


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