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Art Exhibition melbourne

For 11 days (from 24 August - 3 September), art will materialise in different spots throughout Melbourne’s CBD as part of Blindside Festival

As part of the festival, Somewhere Gallery will play host to Buff Diss - a Melbourne street artist whose career is sticky with promise.

Rather than using spray paint and stencils, the artist creates amazingly detailed installations with adhesive tape. 

"I started using masking tape instead of paint about 5 years ago by accident. It’s mainly the lack of precedent, no do’s & dont’s, etc. that I like most about using it."

Using tape as a medium has also proven to be an ingenious choice since it has meant his works can be created in a number of public spaces around the world. Hong Kong has been one of his most frequented ports of call.  

From large murals to tiny panes of glass, Buff Diss showcases his versatility in both skill and choice of subjects (his signature pieces are hands). 

Either way, we're incredibly excited to see what he's lining up for Somewhere Gallery!