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2013 Art Exhibition Gallery Somewhere

With a little help from my friends’ is a Gocco print exhibition opening this Friday June 7 at Somewhere Gallery in Melbourne.

Exploring music as the central theme, the six friends exhibiting are artists, illustrators and graphic designers, each exploring a different genre of music, ranging from funk to soul, electric to jazz and pop through to rock.

There will be a collection of prints, zines and postcards available for sale; all created using Gocco which is a Japanese colour screenprinting system developed in 1977 and featuring works by:

Marcus Carne (Artist)

Julian DeBono (Graphic Designer)

Bonnie Eichelberger (Illustrator)

Cecilia Farley (Graphic Designer)

Merren Spink (Graphic Designer)

Rachel Wilson (Graphic Designer)

Special guest, musician Luke Elliot, will also be performing so if you didn't have an excuse to enjoy some great art, music and a drink on Friday night, you have now been provided with one…

‘With a little help from my friends’ will run until June 30. You can find out more here: